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[IP] Infusion Site & Water...

 Hello All,

I'm on my 3rd day pumping, and all is well.  Doing a lot of tests & in
constant communication with my health care team.

At this point, I do have a question for those who would like to respond.

I am using a Disetronic pump, which is waterproof, and the Comfort/Tender
infusion sets. How do I protect the infusion site from being contaminated by
dirty water?

For example, we do not have a shower at my house, just a bath.  I thought
about putting one of the various transparent skin tapes (Tegaderm, etc) over
the site, but the water could follow the path of the tubing right to the
point where the cannula is, right?

What I have been doing, is disconnecting from the pump, and covering the
infusion site with the above mentioned transparent skin tape patches.  This
allows for a watertight seal, with less of a chance for the water to leak in
& contaminate the site (in theory..).

Am I being overly paranoid with all of this??  Does anyone have any
suggestions or ideas?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!


Scott K. Johnson
email @ redacted