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[IP] The night before?

Pumpers & Friends,
    It is the night before Christmas and not a creature is ......BUT wait there goes off my pump; ran out of insulin to many eggnogs . {5units per glass} Plus up rate by x100 for 6hrs off eating  BS was 134/145 most of the night.  I  like to tell everyone thank you for letting this old man rant at times ; the last year has been hard on me but if I did not have my pump I wound not be here today to rant.
    I remember the days of old where all we had was straight needles & 12'' tubing  and using IV dressing to hold it down. And to do a BS you set up meter , it was a 5min job. Yes the pump was big wt 14 oz. size 4''x 6'' x1'' . Two rates. Time to setup everything was about a hour a day, today I can do it all it about 3-5 minutes with 16 rates with BS and putting in new set too.
    Well , I need to go this guy Santa needs my help with a few things. So remember too...........
        SMILE & BE HAPPY
            Rodney ; -{ )
PS:Glenn, Roz, Linda, Karla, Jim, Sue, Susan, Linda, Carolyn, Scott ,Michael, Deirdre, Vicki, and Tara. We all have grown a great deal this year my old friends may you all have many more and a Happy New Year. And to all our new friends
 May you injoy a great new year pumping to better life.