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Re: [IP] nervous hands

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From: Randall Winchester <email @ redacted>
To: Rose Lulla <email @ redacted>; email @ redacted
<email @ redacted>
Date: Wednesday, December 24, 1997 10:25 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] nervous hands

>From a "weenie" - I know you aren't nearly as nasty, mean, or
>unconcerned as this post I just read sounds...

Could've fooled me.  I'm with you, Randall.  The needles don't bother me --
but certain attitudes do.  These people have problems with their infusion
sets and they know it.  They would not be writing to a group if they didn't
have a problem.  And telling them to "buck up" or whatever is the biggest
load I've seen since Bob Dole campaigned here in 1996.

A.M. (who's never agreed with a Baptist minister before and is a little
frightened by it.)
email @ redacted