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Re: [IP] nervous hands

On 23 Dec 97 at 20:30, Rose Lulla wrote:

> I have to say that I am appalled at all the adults on this list.  How did
> you ever do injections?  I know, the needles were a lot smaller.  Not all
> of you have always had the ultra fine needles.  So?  I know, I'm not the
> diabetic.  Again, so?  When I see Ravi do his set changes, he breezes
> through them like it is no big deal.  He also is one that always did his
> injections super slow.  Adults are suppose to be the "brave" ones.  Are
> you going to let a 10 year old show you up?  Or even for that matter,
> some 7 and 8 year olds that are on the pump?  Buck up and quit being
> "weenies" as you are being described by my 19 year old.