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Re: [IP] nervous hands

People with severe needle phobias and insulin-requiring diabetes have a tragic
combination. If you can stick yourself  four times a day on MDI without
passing out you'll be able to insert your infusion set. If you are on the
verge of passing out then it's time to see a counselor or hypnotist to get you
over your fear.

I used the Tenders, and it took a few times to realize they looked long and
mean but didn't hurt. I quit using them because they tended to slide around so
I needed extra adhesive and it got to be a nuisance. The MiniMed rep wanted me
to try the softSet QR; I tired those once, inserting manually and it hurt like
h***. He suggested the inserter device--looks like a giant lancet and whacks
the catheter into the skin. I hardly feel it and I can close my eyes if I
want. This infusion set with its adhesive doesn't slip around at all on me.