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Re: [IP] nervous hands


I have always been ok doing the holey pokey with the bent needle - could do it
as slow and easy as necessary, and if it hurt, I could just "pull out" and go
elsewhere.  But this LONG needle on the tender is a toughie.  I find I have to
be leaning again the wall or the counter or something, take a deep breath and
hold it...then I use "visualization" of the skin cells sorta parting as I
exhale and shove the sucker home - still a little slower than most people, I
think - I am NOT a jabber.

For some reason, 3 times in a row earlier this year, I almost passed out
trying to get it in - just this complete wave of nausea came over me - I felt
the room tilt...as I staggered for a chair, the pump crashed to the floor (I
was still attached on the other side til I got the new one in...)  The first
time, I just figured I was holding my breath too long, but when it happened 2
more times I was kinda worried.  I just wonder what would have happened if I
had fallen, cracked my head open and no one knew...some times I just Love
living alone...and sometimes I just don't.

It hasn't happened since, fortunately.

Happy holidays y'all