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Re: [IP] kidney drug update (SARA)

Sara - I would like to ask you a couple of questions about Aminoguanadine.
The reason for my interest is that I also am in my 18th month of a kidney drug
(Pimagedine) study.  The pharmaceutical company involved is Alteon of Ramsey
NJ.  I participate in the study through St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco.
This Study was also cut short by a year and a half.  And a few weeks ago
Genentech Pharmaceutical of South San Francisco paid Alteon $200 million as
part of a collaboration to further develop and market Pimagedine.  I assume
what that means is they paid the money to share in the profits, if any.  Since
I don't own any stock in either company it would appear to be of no direct
benefit to me, other than I don't think Genentec would pay that much money
unless the results look pretty good so far.  I am wondering what
Pharmaceutical Company is making Aminoguanadine and where they are located?
Also, what city do you go to take your follow-up lab tests.  I am just
wondering if we might be on the same study pill only with a different name.
Hope to hear from you soon.   GLENN