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[IP] Re: More Kidos to the Creator

Renee wrote:
>     1) not so fast!!!!LOL....how in the world did Lily's little brother manage
> to give her 90 units & how did you even know it was that much?????.....I'm
> more unnerved by that aspect, than the fact that you were able to rectify it,

Well.....  Will was on her back and we surmise that his foot caught 
top of the syringe sticking out the top of the pump and popped it 
open (this is just a guess) and then as it rotated out of the 
compartment he managed to give it a push.  Lily complained that her 
set spot had the 'funny' feeling that sometimes comes with a large 
bolus. Then she noticed that the syringe was out of the pump.

First we removed the infusion line and quite a bit of insulin oozed 
out.  We don't know how much of course.

We determined the amount of insulin that was injected subtracting the 
amount the pump had given (recorded) since the last set change 
subtracted from what remained in the syringe.  We knew the starting 
amount since Lily always fills to 260 units. 

Re: the oral glucose, that is the fastest way to get glucose in.  IV 
is actually much slower, it damages the blood vessels at high 

> but how did skinny Lily manage to ingest enough oral glucose to counterract
> that much insulin?????? this is NOT a story I forwarded to "newcomer" pumper
> parents, but I and Ellen (CamelsRFun) really are dumbfounded by THIS
> story....me especially since Melissa, beloved babysitter to many families, is
> often in comparable situations
Initially she ate 3 or 4 glucose tabs every 15 to 30 minutes, we 
checked bg's at the same time.

Over a 5 hour period she ate enough carbo to cover 40+ units of 
insulin.  In addition, she had eaten a big meal just before this 
happened and we turned off all insulin so that accounted for about 
another 100 or more grams of carbo that was already IN. The missing 
50 units worth either leaked out when the infusion catheter was 
removed or was not properly absorbed due to site corruption (it was 
humalog).  We do know definetly that the total bolus was between 80 
and 100 units, 90 is our best estimate.

> p.s. and you worried about Lily & my Melissa having a problem wearing their
> pumps during soccer or hockey??????..now you'll have to add "piggyback rides"
> to that proviso!!!!!!!
Lily does not wear her pump during soccer games, only at 

Anyway, the accident was really a freak occurrence.  Except for 
piggyback rides with a pump with NO external case, it would be 
difficult to duplicate this scenario.

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