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Re: [IP] unused insulin rule

On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, Michelle Rands wrote:

> It only has the unused insulin rule for regular, I am interested in
> humalog.  But thanks for the suggestion.  Michelle
The unused insulin rule is based on the unabsorbed insulin in you body.
If you look at the little chart enclosed with each bottle of insulin, you 
will see that regular is 90%++ absorbed in 4 to 5 hours, humalog in 2 to 
2 1/2 hours.

To figure the unused unused insulin for ANY type of insulin,

Divide the dose in units by the time in hours
then multiply bye the 'remaining' time in hours to
get the unused insulin.

You can use any 'time units' as long as you are consistent in their 

That is:  divide dose by time in minutes
......... multiply by remaining time in minutes.

The application of this rule is fuzzy to me since I only watch a diabetic 
child, and I'm not diabetic myself.

But... if you are high and you want to see how many points per hour the 
insulin will/is bringing you down, use

4 hours for regular
2 hours for humalog

If you are low and in deep s--t and you want to see how much further you
are going to come down, a safer estimate is:

5 hours for regular
2 1/2 hours for humalog

to completely wash the insulin out of your system.


If you look at the little chart again, you will see that insulin has
a very LONG tail at low level.

Lily had her pump squished open by her little brother while giving him a 
piggyback ride and received ~90 unit overdose.  Her falling rate was 400 
points per hour and it took over 5 hours to wash the humalog out of her 

BTW you probably shouldn't go to the hospital if this happens to you, 
since they don't have a clue about how to treat this problem except 
perhaps a glucose drip. Trouble is,  Lily's doc  said (after the fact) 
that oral glucose is the fastest way to come up quick.

This is how we handled the problem.  Just checked every 15 minutes and 
kept targeting bg = 150.  All was OK.