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Re: [IP] Billing for supplies

Moooods don't always work with those stupid insurance people (nothing personal
if any of you sell insurance - but couldn't you sell babies on the black
market instead, or something better than insurance?)

My insurance decided to start me deductible over again in the middle of the
year, then without letting me know, they CHANGED my deductible.  Then when I
changed my "mailing address only" to FL, they switched my entire policy to
Florida and failed to recognize that I had met my maximum out of pocket for
the year thanks to my new 507.  Now I got 3 doctors breathing down my neck
wanting money - that should be paid at 100% by the damn insurance company!

I have written, faxed, called (and been on hold for 20 minutes only to get
connected to a voice mail!!!!!!!!!!!).  I have talked to independent insurance
agents, different insurance companies, thinking I'd switch, but I am scared
I'd lose my coverage for pre-existing conditions.  Read the Rainmaker....


No - my bs is NOT high, in case you were wondering - It is Christmas time in
NY and the crowds are out in force.

email @ redacted