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Re: [IP] Billing for supplies

>iddm 18 moa, pumping 1 year w/ humalog

Hey Susan,
    Sounds like you need to check into
Express Med
3592 Corporate Drive
Columbus, Ohio

    So far, I have been using them a year and when they have screwed up they
make it RIGHT. As an example just this month they sent me some supplies
"unsolicited" . When I called to point out that I had not ordered the
supplies they told me that I had not received all that they had sent! I had
received only one (1) box of two (2) they had sent. The young lady on the
phone assured me that I would get the supplies they had sent and that there
would be no charge. I'm talking about 2 box. MM 115 42" softsets, 700 test
strips, a new lancet device with 400 lancets, 1 box of Polyskin II, and
something else that  slips my mind at the moment. Oh, a battery pack that
contains 9 batteries for the 507.
    When I called she asked me to hold for a minute so she could check to
see if I was on "automatic" and I told her I wasn't supposed to be but she
had to check anyway. I don't blame her for that. When she returned, she
confirmed that I wasn't and informed me there would be no charge for this
    They had sent me four bottles of Velosulin in this order and had
mistakenly doubled an order two months ago, that my insurance was not
charged for, so now right when I was about to switch to Humalog I have about
10 vials of Velosulin to use up. The Lord works in strange ways. Huh,
    These people accept whatever your insurance company pays as full payment
whether it be 70% or 90%. Now tell me these insurance companies aren't
making a killing.
    These people understand that "we" are their bread and butter and treat
you that way. This is not the only company I have dealt with either. I used
another company for years but when I got on the pump they did not handle
pump supplies or some technicality, and wanted that other 10% co-pay.
    Point being, I would not pay for anything they don't specify clearly
what is on my bill.  I have enjoyed the coverage of good insurance, but mine
is fixing to change the first of the year but I will have no worries because
this company accepts the 70% as full payment.
    If you don't have insurance I would still not pay for it without a good
description of the bill of goods!
    Borrow one of Sara's "moods" and get them suckers back on the phone.
That is my advice. There are companies that appreciate your business. If you
have no insurance. . . .  that would even strengthen my advice. You don't
have to buy a pig in a poke.

Good luck,

Buddy '-)