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[IP] Billing for supplies


I have a big Bit** about my provider of pump supplies and need some
guidance on how to deal with it.  I initially got a bill for "diabetic
supplies 12 ea at 24.53"  WHAT is that?  After 9 phone calls (I'm not
exagerating, I have the dates and overview of the conversation) I got
tired of getting a bill without my questions getting answered.  FINALLY
after someone read my 2 page typed nasty letter, I got a phone call with
an explanation.  I got a bill alright, its still screwed up. I want a
bill that reads correctly. I've always ordered supplies quarterly. On
the new bill they say it says 12 boxes of something, and 2 boxes of
something else.  HELLO  Is this bill quarterly or annually.  See what I
mean.  I hate to be a total a**hole about this because they will be the
providers of my supplies next year, but I have  real problem paying a
bill that I do not feel is correct.  If this is the only bill for the
year I will gladly pay it (its less than $500) if its for one order of
supplies its over priced.  See what I mean, should I send them another
nasty letter or should I pay it?  Thanks yall

iddm 18 moa, pumping 1 year w/ humalog