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Re: [IP] Effectiveness of Humalog

Hello friends
I have now used the same site for 6 days without trouble. (Humalog). But
today my bloodsuger rised. I unexpected measured 430 (24 mmol). So these
nice days with humalog at this site stopped suddenly. Its now 01:00 AM in
Norway and I will soon go to bed. The BG test 430 was 4 hours ago, I
changed the site and took some extra insulin and now I'm down to 135 (7.5).
By the way I felt pain while I was bolusing at this site of the body. ( I
sometimes feel pain, with injections it was often terrible pain some
seconds after the injection). But this "pain" indicates that the tupe was
not blockated. This seems to be a never ending story with humalog and
effictivness and stability......

Good night 

> From: URTAsef <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Effectiveness of Humalog
> Date: 18. desember 1997 20:11
> Re: reusing my syringes....I use the same syringe at least 4 times.  I
use the
> same tubing at least 2-3 times.  I change the site thing at the FIRST
sign og
> any tenderness or redness, or unexplainable high sugar.  If there was a
way to
> put that long nedle back in the tender and to clean off the
adhesive...I'd use
> it again.  My high blood sugars are attributed to my faulty eating.
> Can't wait to tell ya'll about the new kideny drug!!!
> Sara