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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps - my insurance has preferences!

Apre is not a manufacturer, but a provider, or a supply distributor. I 
found them to be horrible. They didn't know anything about pumps and I 
had to order a month or month and half in advance so I wouldn't run out. 
They shipped me wrong items etc. I don't know who the other supply people 
are that you mentioned. You might want to call them and see what they 
have to offer in the way of people that know about supplies for pumps and 
whether they carry them IN STOCK, or have to order them directly from 
minimed or disetronic.  Talk to your provider and clarify what they told 
you. I now have a diabetes supply store that handles my supplies. They 
are wonderful. I don't know in which are you live, but see what is 
available and then let your insurance people know if you are not happy 
with the supply service. Good pumping and good health, Roz