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Re: [IP] kidney drug update

Hey baby...I suck up and roll too...when I try to warn the phlebotomists
(blood suckers) they never believe me...until it's over when they say,
"oh, yeah, I guess you were right."
On Thu, 18 Dec 1997 20:02:07 EST URTAsef <email @ redacted> writes:
>OK, so I just had my 18 month visit for this drug I have been taking 
>aminoguanadine.  I don't know if I am on the placebo or the drug, but 
>I was
>supposed to be in this trial for 4 years.  I just found out that there 
>enough positive evidence that this stuff works, so they are ending the 
>next July, unblinding it to examine the data and if it is still good, 
>send it
>off to the FDA ffor approval.
>WHAT DOES THIS DRUG DO:  According to "them", it keeps the sugars from 
>sticky and having proteins stick to them.  For us, that makes a big 
>for our kidneys - nephropathy.  This drug is supposed to unsticky 
>and improve and reverse damage.
>Now here is where it is interesting.  You know how diabetes kinda 
>takes a back
>seat to EVERY THING else on earth?  Well, this stickiness OCCURS in 
>everyone -
>yep - even so-called normal people - BUT on them it takea a LONG time 
>- in
>fact you only see it in OLD people.  So there is this theory floating 
>the research teams that this could be a veritable FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!  
>If they
>can prevent the crap from sticking, it can slow down the aging 
>process.  NOW
>HOW IS THAT FOR A GREAT AGENDA - I can see the next presidential
>campagin...vote for me, and I will make sure diabetics don't die of 
>disease anymore - nahhhh - but how about - a FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH for all
>mankind!  Heck I might even bother to vote!
>So what happens in July?  They will give everyone on the trial a 3 
>supply of whatever they have (drug or placebo).  The results will be 
>talled up
>and in October, IF they decide the drug is good, everyone on the study 
>the drug immediately, while it goes to FDA for approval.  If they 
>scrap it,
>well no harm done, but everyone sure sounds positive
>This test has been great - not only am I followed on a regular basis 
>by a top
>notch diabetes specialist, I may have the opportunityy to be the first 
>on the
>block so to speak.  Of course, there has been the downside... the 
>yesterday was cute as the dickens - nice Italian boy (married), but he
>couldn't get my veins to bleed - I warned him that I suck up and roll 
>those are not sexual deviations...), but just what my veins do - when 
>they see
>a needle come.  So he blem two veins in my elbows - I look like I was 
>tied up.
>The CDfinally had to come do it - and she got me on the back of my 
>COOL, HUH????
>email @ redacted can't see.s**t.com