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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps - my insurance has preferences!


It sounds like Aetna is confusing terminology . . .durable medical goods
supplier and manufacturer.

When I was recommended for the pump. I was told a similar story but later
found that I could get a different answer each time I called. The way it
played out; my insurance company contracted with several durable medical goods
providers that supplied me with a Disetronic pump and supplies. The durable
medical goods suppliers did not have their own pumps they are simply one more
link in the ever growing chain.

I have dealt both with Apria and Olsten each provided me with Diesetronic
supplies. I had difficulties. Seems as if one minute they were an approved
supplier then the next they weren't. When you order supplies or the pump, wait
about three days then call your insurance company to verifty that the durable
medical goods supplier is still approved. Then call the durable medical goods
company and make sure they are still moving ahead. Another good way to keep
things flowing is to contact Disetronics (and I assume Mini Med) and let them
know you are wanting to order. Get them to follow on their end, among all
parties concerned you and the manufacturer have the greatest desire to get you
a pump.

Disetronics was also able to tell me weather they sold supplies to certain
durable medical goods companies. The territory rep may be an asset in getting
insurance straightened out.

good luck