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Re: [IP] Disetronic - Not Two pumps anymore

On 19 Dec 97 at 4:20, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hey, Awhile back I posted that I got approval for the Disetronic
> pump and was perplexed why I only got one in the mail.  I found
> out that they only cover one pump.  What they do is buy two pumps
> and bundle them both with supplies and distribute them One to
> each patient.  Pretty sneaky eh?  They save $2,250 on every two
> patients since to keep buying sets of two would cost them $4,500
> per patient.  To buy just one would cost them $3,000.  I'd have to
> say from a business standpoint, that's pretty smart.  They assured me
> if I need another pump they can get me one within 24 hours.
> Just thought I would pass this along..
> Forrest

You might want to push them a little on the 24 hour replacement.  I'd 
bet that there is a clause that allows 2 business days, excludes 
holidays and weekends...  so if your pump needs replacing on Dec 23 
you might get a replacement on the 30th.  I'm surprised that 
Disetronic would allow this type of behavior, since it also exposes 
them to charges because their warranty and two year pump shutoff 
policies all assume that you have a standby pump ready to go...

Business ethics (lack of) strikes again!

Randall Winchester

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