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[IP] Insulin Pumps - my insurance has preferences!

Hi all,

I called my insurance (Aetna - managed care) to see if an insulin pump is
something they cover with our plan.  They said sure as long as I used one of
two manufacturers that they have negotiated with.   The two names they gave me
were - Olsen-Kimberly and Apria.  I must admit this concerns me as I have not
heard of either of these manufacturers.  I know only of Mino-med and

Does anyone have any knowledge of these pumps?  I had no idea a managed care
program could dictate to us what pump to use.  If these pumps are not
satisfactory, does anyone know of a way we can "get around" using one of these
If anyone knows anything about these pumps please let me know.

Many thanks!    Sherri