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[IP] kidney drug update

OK, so I just had my 18 month visit for this drug I have been taking called
aminoguanadine.  I don't know if I am on the placebo or the drug, but I was
supposed to be in this trial for 4 years.  I just found out that there is
enough positive evidence that this stuff works, so they are ending the study
next July, unblinding it to examine the data and if it is still good, send it
off to the FDA ffor approval.

WHAT DOES THIS DRUG DO:  According to "them", it keeps the sugars from getting
sticky and having proteins stick to them.  For us, that makes a big problem
for our kidneys - nephropathy.  This drug is supposed to unsticky everything
and improve and reverse damage.

Now here is where it is interesting.  You know how diabetes kinda takes a back
seat to EVERY THING else on earth?  Well, this stickiness OCCURS in everyone -
yep - even so-called normal people - BUT on them it takea a LONG time - in
fact you only see it in OLD people.  So there is this theory floating around
the research teams that this could be a veritable FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!  If they
can prevent the crap from sticking, it can slow down the aging process.  NOW
HOW IS THAT FOR A GREAT AGENDA - I can see the next presidential
campagin...vote for me, and I will make sure diabetics don't die of kidney
disease anymore - nahhhh - but how about - a FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH for all
mankind!  Heck I might even bother to vote!

So what happens in July?  They will give everyone on the trial a 3 month
supply of whatever they have (drug or placebo).  The results will be talled up
and in October, IF they decide the drug is good, everyone on the study gets
the drug immediately, while it goes to FDA for approval.  If they scrap it,
well no harm done, but everyone sure sounds positive

This test has been great - not only am I followed on a regular basis by a top
notch diabetes specialist, I may have the opportunityy to be the first on the
block so to speak.  Of course, there has been the downside... the nurse
yesterday was cute as the dickens - nice Italian boy (married), but he
couldn't get my veins to bleed - I warned him that I suck up and roll (and
those are not sexual deviations...), but just what my veins do - when they see
a needle come.  So he blem two veins in my elbows - I look like I was tied up.
The CDfinally had to come do it - and she got me on the back of my hand.


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