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[IP] what is this?


there was an AP posting about a "severe nationwide shortage of immune
globulin"  .  It says that tens of thousands of people use this due to
deficient immune systems and other conditions.  It is a blood based medicine
that is used in treating AIDS patients - it makes antibodies I guess..

My question is,  the article says "the biggest problem is steadily increasing
demand for immune globulin as more doctors prescribe it for other, nonfatal
uses. Those include chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and
rheumatoid arthritis."

Not that I am any more important than anyone else, and especially since AIDS
doens't kill me as quick and painful as AIDS *nahhh we got one that likes to
take its time and TORTURE us...), but how is i t used in diabetes?  I
understand that the common accepted theory now is that TYPE I results from
your body fighting off some sort of disease and in the process messing up the
antibody system.  Would they give this drug to those people with the diabetes
antigen to help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes?