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Congratulations !!! I've been on the pump for three years now and it has 
truly changed my life.  I wish I would have known about the pump sooner.  I 
am getting ready to go to the 507.  I also understand what you mean about 
the sugar. Before I got diabetes I really didn't eat many sweets, now I want 
it alot and when I told "you know you shouldn't be eating that "  I reply 
"On the pump I can so when I want it,  I just Pump It Up !!!

Tammy Cervantes
email @ redacted
From: Insulin-Pumpers
To: SAMEE_BERG; Insulin-Pumpers
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 5:29PM

On 17 Dec 97 at 13:29, email @ redacted wrote:

>        Subject:
>        ---------------------------------
>        I have been on the pump since October 9 and I am so happy.
>        Before pump, I was always tired and missed a lot of work.  I
>        took anti depressants but would  get so depressed I would stay
>        in bed for days (and I mean days) at a time.  I just wanted to
>        die.  I tried many times to gain control of my blood sugars
>        always to no avail.  I would do good for awhile and then it
>        would be awful again and I would get depressed.  I am addicted
>        to sugar and have to watch because if I start eating junk I
>        can't stop.  Especially when it would take so long to get
>        myself back on track after a binge.
>        Now I am so alive!.  I have missed NO work in the past month.
>        In fact I  put in about 20 hrs. overtime (Great for the
>        holidays).  I try to sleep late on the week ends but I feel so
>        good I get up just like a work day (4:30-5:00).  Sometimes I'll
>        take a nap on weekends but not because I am depressed, only
>        because I can.  The pump has made such a difference in my life
>        I would like to see every diabetic feel at least as good as I.
>        I have only been diabetic (type I) for 6 1/2 years and I had
>        forgotten how GOOD a person could feel.  When I do eat junk,
>        sugar etc.  I get back in control very very quick.  And since I
>        feel so good most of the time I do not want to do things (like
>        eat wrong) as much.  I never want to go off the pump and I pray
>        that I never have to.
>        The Pump has been my best Christmas present in my whole entire
>        life.  And my family and friends and boss and co-workers are
>        pleased.  My health does effect more than just me.  So for
>        myself and others I commit to taking the best care of myself
>        possible.  And I hope and pray that we all do the same.
>        Samee Berg
>        email @ redacted

You're singing to the choir in this group.  I'm glad that things are
working out for you too.  Hang in there, keep on going, and remember
that we're celebrating with you!

You want to help me with a design for some "Happy Assimilation
Day" t-shirts?  Or how about a shirt with a picture of a MiniMed or D
pump on it for kids that says "My daddy (or mommy) got an insulin
pump and all I got -- was a daddy (or mommy) who feels like playing
with me more."

Randall Winchester

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