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       I have been on the pump since October 9 and I am so happy.
       Before pump, I was always tired and missed a lot of work.  I
       took anti depressants but would  get so depressed I would stay
       in bed for days (and I mean days) at a time.  I just wanted to
       die.  I tried many times to gain control of my blood sugars
       always to no avail.  I would do good for awhile and then it
       would be awful again and I would get depressed.  I am addicted
       to sugar and have to watch because if I start eating junk I
       can't stop.  Especially when it would take so long to get
       myself back on track after a binge.
       Now I am so alive!.  I have missed NO work in the past month.
       In fact I  put in about 20 hrs. overtime (Great for the
       holidays).  I try to sleep late on the week ends but I feel so
       good I get up just like a work day (4:30-5:00).  Sometimes I'll
       take a nap on weekends but not because I am depressed, only
       because I can.  The pump has made such a difference in my life
       I would like to see every diabetic feel at least as good as I.
       I have only been diabetic (type I) for 6 1/2 years and I had
       forgotten how GOOD a person could feel.  When I do eat junk,
       sugar etc.  I get back in control very very quick.  And since I
       feel so good most of the time I do not want to do things (like
       eat wrong) as much.  I never want to go off the pump and I pray
       that I never have to.
       The Pump has been my best Christmas present in my whole entire
       life.  And my family and friends and boss and co-workers are
       pleased.  My health does effect more than just me.  So for
       myself and others I commit to taking the best care of myself
       possible.  And I hope and pray that we all do the same.
       Samee Berg
       email @ redacted