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Re: [IP] A pain in the butt....


My endo won't let me put my infusion sets anywhere except my abdomen because
he says the absorption in other areas isn't good.  I bet you are high because
of this.  I do sympathise with you and the sofsets, though.  I have very
little abdominal fat--I'm not boasting, this is just the way things are for
me--and I only have about four areas where I can pinch up enough skin to get
the sofset in.  I DID get my free sample of the silhouette from MiniMed and
tried it last week.  I absolutely loved it.  I couldn't feel it at all and was
really sad when it's "time" was up.  Now, I'm biding my time and using up my
sofsets while I wait for the new boxes of silhouettes to come.  Unfortunately,
the length of tubing I wanted is on backorder for a few weeks, plus I did have
a whole box of sofsets on hand and would have felt guilty if I didn't use them
up.  So...call MiniMed again and make sure they send you some silhouettes to

Mary Jean