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[IP] bent canulas

Crystal, I used to get that in my abd. I use my thighs no, also I 
couldn't see to get the tape on the button with the QR set. I have to 
choose my site carefully so I don't hit a place with no fat. I have a lot 
of places that the lente had disolved the fat when I was on MI. There is 
a wonderful diabetes resource center in my area. The lady there gave me a 
comfort or silouette set (don't mind my spelling) to try. I have 
difficulties with my hands and carpal tunnel etc and I found that the 
insertions were much easier and that the sites lasted longer, but I 
couldn't manage the the part you undo to to take a bath. It required for 
me, anyway, to see and to squeeze the little disc in the right place and I 
couldn't feel it to do that. The first one I used crimped in a day, but 
the next is still working fine and it is the fourth day. The qr sets I 
have to change every three days. Find a supplier that will let you try 
some samples, and then choose. Don't give up your pump. There are also 
bent needle set for people that have the type of problem you have. I 
think some on this list use them, I never have. Maybe they will answer 
and give you some ideas. Just keep trying. And you have my best wishes 
for success. Good health, Roz