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Re: [IP] Effectiveness of Humalog

Continuing on the thread of Humalog.
In anticipation of getting on the pump my doctor has switched me
to humalog.  I was previously using Regular and Lente.  Since the 
switch it seems as if my "appetite" seems to be more keen for
carbos now.  Has anyone experienced appetite changes from switching
insulin and/or tricks to reduce cravings and sticking to a meal plan.


email @ redacted wrote:
> I've heard that H degrades in the plastic syringe from a Minimed rep. and
> if I need to scrimp on supplies, choose other ways, but not to reuse the
> syringe, but Sara's milage may vary? Big Grin!  I also have heard that H
> can not take room temperature.  Could be that the infusion site just gets
> sick of having a constant pool of insulin and stops absorbing it...I
> dunno..Just a few thoughts...Michelle