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Re: [IP] dark grey vision

It was kind of like pixles on a computer screen but they were bigger
cirlces.  I t was as if there was a wall  and there were bumps on the
wall and water was rushing down the wall getting pushed out of the way by
the bumps on the wall. or kinda like pinballs falling down a maze or ions
trying to bounce away from each other on the way down....in other
words...really hard to explain..I was freaked. took the ativan,,, a
tranquilizer? the Dr. who tried the laser surgery without the anetesia
gave me because I knew I would freak if they said ok we need to do laser
on you right now...so I was really out of it when I finally saw the Dr. 
They supossed ly called an opthamologist...he didn't even look at my
eyes..he just said it was low blood pressure and sent me packing....I was
so out of it and stunned, I just walked out.  I wonder if they will bill
me for the useless info they gave me.   I understand what you say about
Dr.s.  Up until this point I had, had good experiences with DR's but that
is all changing.  
About the voice synthesizer, I'll have to get back to you, I have to go
on the net to get the address, but it is from Bell Laboratories.
On Mon, 15 Dec 1997 10:13:02 EST URTAsef <email @ redacted> writes:
>Is the dark gray all over or kin patches or globs?  I hope you are 
>seeing an
>eye doctor today.  It may be a bleed or a retina detachment or 
>something else.
>My first bleed was a grayish red wash over completely half of my eye, 
>someone had put a lighting instrument gel (the stuff they use to color 
>in theatre) over hald my eye - I was freaked, cuz I had just broken my 
>leg a
>week before and thought maybe I'd ripped my eye ball out of the socket 
>something too.
>Thanks for finding the voice text thing - fortunately I am not needing 
>it just
>yet, and I will probably be in too mean of a mooooood when I do need 
>it, to
>want to ask you where to get it, so send me the info just in case.
>My glob is settling a little bit...makes shopping SUCH a joy - I hate 
>people is this black or blue?  I hate bumping into people?  I have 3 
>on my left side from hitting tables and clothing racks and I almost 
>poked my
>eye out on the subway.  Maybe I should get a dog and a cane - then at 
>least I
>might get a seat on the bus!