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Re: [IP] A pain in the butt....

Crystal, have you tried the comfort/silhoutte/tender?  I am not particularly
slender right now, about 20 lbs overweight, and I had exactly the same
problems with the sofset.  I even got a terrible bruise from it when i tried
to ride my excercise bike.  I have been using the comfort for 2 weeks now, and
I am getting the expected 2 day + life and much fewer weird blood sugars.
this is the set that is a clear canula that is inserted at an angle, like the
steel needles, but is soft and flexible (more so than the sofset).  I am so
much happier with it, and as an aside, this is less expensive than the sofset.
Not the most important issue, but a nice benefit.  Give it a try, and let me
know : )  I could even send you a few to try, if you give me your address.