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Re: [IP] The pump IS for everyone

I agree to a point that some people are not meant to ever go on the pump.
 Some of those people are not suited for injections either.  By that I
mean they will never take care of themselves, no matter what.  We all
know those kinds of people.  Those kinds of people really make me get on
my "soap box" so to speak!  We can't change those people. 

What we can hope to change is the attitude of many endos towards kids and
adults who really care and want to take care of themselves.  When you
know the benefits of the pump along with the work and dedication it takes
to get those benefits, then I think that your endo should listen to you. 
If indeed they do have a valid concern they should share that with you. 

 Speaking personally, all we heard from Ravi's first endo was that all
kids were alike and they all cheat.  At the same time they would say that
they had never seen a child like Ravi.  They admitted that they didn't
know what to do for him.  Would that make you confident that you had the
right endo?  I think not.  In Sissy's words " I fired them!"

When we asked our current endo about Ravi going on the pump he asked me
to talk to other parents of kids on pumps.  He wanted me to search out
all I could on what we could expect from the pump, the pros, the cons and
anything else possible.  I also talked to Ravi's dietician, herself a
pumper, and the nurses who had worked with Ravi in a week long program. 
They all thought that Ravi was a great candidate for the pump.  The
second time when we approached the endo he said yes.  He too had talked
to the dietician and the nurses/pump trainers.

My point is, we shouldn't lump anyone group of people into the category
of pumpers or non-pumpers.  A lot of endos lump kids into the non-pumper
category.  The endos themselves don't want to find out if kids can really
do this.  I am thankful for Ravi's endo and am very glad that he is
willing to take a leap into a field that no other endo in this city is
willing to take.

What I mean by saying that the pump is for everyone is just that. 
Everyone would benefit greatly from pump therapy.  Granted there are
those who will never go on the pump because of finances or lack of
dedication, but that doesn't mean the pump isn't for them.  In fact, it
is they that are not for the pump.

Okay, I'm done now.  To those who actually read this, I thank you for you
time and letting me vent.

Rose(aka Ravi's mom)