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Re: [IP] Where do you stick it


I meant the area was large, not how far it sticks out goofball! Mine does not
stick out at all. I actually bend over to get more skin upward when I stick in
my set. But I go from under my boobies to way below the belly button, and from
the left side to the right side. It sure was easier though when my tummy did
stick out. It didn't seem to bother the site as much as it does now when I
lean my belly against something hard. It feels like it is pricking my bladder

I am going to the hospital tomorrow  to get an EGD done again. I don't know if
ya'll have ever heard of a "besoar", but that is what is in there again. They
will do the roto-rooter thing and get it out. I'm alittle nervous cause this
is a new Dr. doing it. He does come highly recommended so I should be at ease.
I hate getting it done though. Well I will talk at you later.