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Re: [IP] The pump IS for everyone

Susan Jordan

I feel ANYONE who WANTS to live well and take care of themselves should be
pumping if they can afford to. I feel sorry for this woman, as she will not
have a very pleasant future, and will not be arounf for to long either. I was
in denial for awhile when I was young and stupid. I can just hope that I
didn't cause too much damage in those years. I, too, remember feeling low at
200 and fine at 400. That is a strange thing to think about now after all
these years.
Lily is such a treat to hear about. I hope she never goes through what I did.
I got mad at my diabetes and sick of having it. I didn't know the long term
affects though, which I'm sure Lily does! So I just stopped worrying about the
diabetes. I was IN the hospital more than OUT in six months. That is when I
met my Stepmom. She yelled at me and I hated her. But I did listen as she
tried to teach me. I laid in the hospital bed with my arms folded and tried
not to hear all the bad things that were in store for me if I keep up this
crap. She also taught me alot about management. Stuff I never knew, and when I
did it, it worked. I had an idiot for a Dr. then, but changed to a great one,
and that, they say, is history!!
I have since met alot of wonderful people, who if I didn't have diabetes, I
would never have met. I try to think of the good things about this disease. I
guess it helps me cope. Like without diabetes, I would never have known all
the bad foods out there, regardless of the sugar, my cholesterol would have
been 400!!! Like the triple cheeseburger from McDonald's. I watched someone
eat one whil I ate my chicken salad. It actually made me feel sick.
But gotta have those Snickers once  week. That is my rule and it works. Then I
don't go overboard on all the other stuff I crave. Remember my trip to the
ocean this summer? I did good except for the caramel popcorn, well, and all
the other stuff too. OK, I was very bad!!! But what the heck. I did keep my
blood sugars pretty good while going nuts with the food.
Take care ya'll!