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[IP] A pain in the butt....

Hello everyone,
I am having some problems here (sorry, Lee and Buzz...I know you have heard
this before) I use the QR softset with the MM pump and humalog. I have had
problems off and on with the sets and over the last month or so it has
gotten worse. Lee thought it might help to use the softserter and he kindly
sent me one (thanks!) I used it for the first time about 10 days ago. The
first three days went pretty well and I thought the problem was solved. Now
in the past 6 days I have had to change the set 6 times for unexplained
high BGs. (I am getting pretty good with the softserter 8-)  When I take
the cannula out, it is often slightly bent and my family has confirmed that
the tip of the cannula is slightly crimped (I can't see it too well) Out of
frustration, I called MM last night and the tech suggested that it is
either too much scar tissue in my abd or that the tip is hitting the muscle
lining and slightly obstructing the flow. She suggested I next try
inserting the set in my buttocks.....that is where I just put it with the
help of the softserter (couldn't imagine doing this without it) I am
finding this to be uncomfortable, but don't know what else to do! About now
I would be ready to go back to MI, except the control overall was much
worse. Two hrs after dinner I was at 293, changed the set and site, one hr
later at 265 after a 4 unit bolus.
Does this buttock idea sound like a good option, or should I keep trying to
fight to get some different kind of infusion set?? MM is supposed to be
sending me the silouhette, but they were supposed to a month ago and
didn't. If I go for the different set idea, I would like to know before I
start fighting for one which one works for me.
Anyone else have this problem? Open for suggestions here!
Thanks for listening! I just really want this to keep working!
email @ redacted