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Re: [IP] The pump IS for everyone

On 16 Dec 97 at 17:13, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> I see little evidence that the medical system does this more than once and a
> while.  Too many medical people are not well informed or jump to conclusions.
> There is little guidance available when you have a problem you can't solve.
> Thus, I think we end up with a group of listserve people who have learned how
> to solve problems and where to get help and are, happily, eager to address
> them -- mostly those in the #1 group I think..  This sorts out those who
> aren't sure or perhaps lack any adequate support to find answers.  There are
> many people who probably do choose not to care.  There are probably many
> others who do care, can't fix it and are petrified.  They probably often get
> written off as #2s or #4s.  Do we really want to write them off so flippantly?
> Ruth

In general the medical community "writes off" huge blocks of people, 
just like our society does and not too many of us complain.  The 
characterizations aren't "flippant" - just what has been observed in 
my community.   I have talked to several diabetics who have been 
"doing OK" with one shot of NPH a day for years and then suddenly 
get surprised when they develop a foot ulcer, or need laser surgery 
for their eyes.  I have talked to CDE's who have tried for years to 
teach some of their patients to use a One-Touch bg monitor without 
success.  One even asked me to help because the patient kept saying 
"this it too hard" and "nobody but a doctor or a nurse can do this".  
This patient didn't mind the finger stick, but just couldn't handle 
turning the meter on, putting a test strip in it and putting the drop 
of blood on the strip.  Sometimes the strip would be inserted upside 
down or backwards, and sometimes the meter wouldn't be turned on...

The real point of the classification is that many people in the #4 
category can be helped to move to #3 or even #1, given the right 
assistance, encouragement and support.  I've seen this happen with 
some people - who thought they were suffering alone and then discover 
that there are others in a similar situation - and then begin to 
learn how to manage it themselves.   The trick is, how to make the 
resources available for this to happen...

Randall Winchester

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