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Re: [IP] Caffeine and BG

There is always the chance of rebounding a bit after a low.  I know I can
usually have a unexplainable high bs a few hours after a severe low.  I might
have overcompensated for the low by eating a couple of glucose tabs too many,
or whatever is being used - god knows when I go low, I just grab, knowing I
can cover later if I drink 3/4 a glass of juice instead of 1/2.  I also have a
rebound LOW about 22-25 hours later.  For example I used to work out around
3:00.  When I work out I am very unaware of going low - feel so DAMN good,
then I check and I am 48...So, I fix it.  I can pretty well predict the next
day, even if I am not working out, that I will be lower than my basals should
have me at sometime between 2 and 5.  I guess that is related to what they say
about exercise motivating your metabolism

As for caffeine - I do notice a slight raise in bs when I drink caffeine.  I
bet my basals would be lower if I cut the caffeine out...but it is really my
only vice, and I'm not catholic of jewish, so guilt can't get me...