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Re: [IP] RE: forgetfulness

Nahhh.  this is one you can't chalk up to old age - cuz I'm not old (define
"old).  I believe the proper terminology is called Temporary CRS Disease
(Can't Remember S**T).

I have done that.  The last timewas because I had recently covered for a high,
and I remembered taking the bolus, but not the reason.  Then I was STILL high
after lunch...and I looked at the screen...duhhh Sara.

Who knows - it is just one of those things.  Living our lives as freely as we
do now (as in not tied to schedules, syringes, meal times etc.)  Just like
sometimes you forget to put gas in the car - you KNOW the needle said empty
when you pulled in the garage last night...but you get on the highway the next
morning anyway...and get stuck in traffic.