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Re: Re: [IP] The pump IS for everyone

I wholeharedly agree with Randall. Not everyone is "pump material", and for
the same reasons that he expressed.

My former doc would not prescribe a pump for everyone, just for those
reasons. One fellow in a "Advanced Diabetes Self Managment" class, sponsered
by Joslin wanted one terribly bad, but apparently the doc knew that he didnot
have enough motivation, wouldn't prescribe one. the fellow went to another
doc and got it. I, to this day, wonder what ever happened with this fellow.
By just talking with him at the 3 day class, I got the idea that he was the
wrong material for a pump. I think that he felt that the pump was magically
going to fix him up with little effort put into it. Hopefully, he changed his

Note: the doc that prescribed it for him, was the only doc I had ever