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[IP] RE: forgetfulness

I have a question for everyone.
How many of you have forgotten to bolus at a meal?

today I did at breakfast. when I checked my BG art lunch, I was shocked at
the 325. It hit me right away, I bet i forgot the breakfast bolus. when I
checked my last bolus, it hadn't been at breakfast. Boo on me.
there have been other times that i remembered half way through a meal that I
had forgotten.

It must be because I wait until the meal is ready to bolus, and then I am so
excited about eating it, I completely forget. After all, I had been
injectiong for over 43 years. Now how can I forget that I need insulin before
eating? Maybe it's just more of those "senior moments" happening......gosh, I
hope not. Or maybe it's Altzheimers setting in.