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Re: [IP] Buddy

  I feel I can make a difference in peoples lives nd
>have a lot of valuable first hand experience.  Take care.   Gena

    I understand you completely. I am not arguing one bit. I have, in the
past 38 years of diabetes met people just like your friend and have tried my
best to help them, just as you are doing. Some of them with success and some
have passed on. You can only do so much but even if your friend was on
injections again she would most likely stay in the "same boat". She will
start to lose the toes first, then the feet, and a kidney, along the way. .
. . . . . . .   We do what we can but to those that refuse to listen we
attend their funeral and try to keep pleasant thought of them after their
passing. You can't blame yourself. Take care.

Buddy '-)