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[IP] Buddy

	The girl I wrot about had a 504 to start with and now has a 506.  I
think something happened to the 504 and she needed to replace it.  She
did this without a dr.  I don't understand how she can by infusion sets
and get insurance to pay for them without a doctor.  She has had many
problems.(laser eye surgeries, kidney infections and decreased kidney
function, sores on her legs that won't heal) just to name a few.  If
something happened and she was without the reg. insulin in the pump she
would end up DKA.  This has happened many times.  I just think with a
long acting insulin she would have less chance of going extremely high
unless se forgot to take a shot which is a good possibility.  I don't
know what the answer is I just don't understand why some peopl "don't
give a care".  I guess I care too much for others and want them to have
the best control possible.  That is why my carreer goal is to become a
CDE (pump trainer).  I feel I can make a difference in peoples lives nd
have a lot of valuable first hand experience.  Take care.   Gena