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Re: [IP] Effectiveness of Humalog

   My  experience is the same as Bob Burnett's.  I use H in my D  pump
changing the teflon cannula from the Tender/Comfort sets every 3 days.  I fill
the glass cartridge with 315 units of H and do not change it until it runs out
(usually 10 days).  I did the same experiment as Bob and continued to use the
same 42 inch line from the Tender/Comfort set for the entire 10 days and had
no loss of effectiveness of the Humalog.  For me the key seems to be the site
where I insert the teflon cannula.  Unless I find that a site is tender or
bleeds, I leave the cannula in for 3 days.  Once in a while I can go 4 days as
long as my BG tests indicate that I'm still getting good absorption at the
site.   I do find that warming the site by taking a hot shower or appllying a
hot wash cloth for several minutes before inserting a new cannula has improved
my absorption upon changing sets.

Mary Tobin, pumping for 2 years out of 21 with type 1