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Re: [IP] The pump IS for everyone

    Am I to understand that your friend has been on this same pump for 9
years? That is good to know. I hope mine lasts that long!
    Evidently, she is doing something right. You have to realize that to
last 9 years she is probably in a state like we all were at some point in
time before we were diagnosed where he pump is keeping her at some kind of
satisfactory level of control, again proving that even with a person that
knows little about what is going on can survive on pump therapy ????? I just
hope nothing happens to you or she may then be in deep . . . . . . .

Bless you for being there for her,

Buddy '-)
 "oh well we all have to go sometime, I may as
>well be happy while I can."  So I definately agree that the pump is not
>for everyone.  I think that there should be some way to take it away
>from pts. and make them go back on a long acting insulin when they are
>endangering themselves with it.  She can't even set the time on the
>pump, always calls me and asks how to do it.  She has no idea what her
>basal rates are and boluses 6 units for every meal (no matter what).  Oh
>well , thats my 2 cents worth.  Take care all.
>Gena,  IDDM 15yrs, MM506(velosulin), Pumping 10yrs.