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Re: [IP] Tenders/Comforts/Silhouettes infusion sets


I have had my kids knock it loose so what I have done is take polyskin, fold
it twice, cut the corner and then when you unfold it, you have a hole in the
middle. This goes over the plastic portion. I have never had a set come out
with the polyskin over it!

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From: Rmhb1126 <email @ redacted>
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Date: Tuesday, December 09, 1997 9:00 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Tenders/Comforts/Silhouettes infusion sets

>Hi all:
>     group question: on the subject of these particular infusion sets: my
>thin teen-aged daughter definitely prefers the Tenders/Comfort sets to the
>sof-sets BUT her major complaint is that there's such a scant edge of tape
>around the perimeter of the part you "re-hook " into (they need to give
>parts real names!! LOL) that it tends to come loose very quickly.
>    The other day she tried wiping "skin prep" on first, but that didn't
>to work...She doubts putting down a tegaderm first & then "inserting"
>that would remedy the problem (although that's the way she always did the
>sets) and she calims that it's impossible to put another "taping" product
>top of the infusion set because it would obscure the plastic portion you
>to re-click into??????
>     Any & all suggestions eagerly appreciated...also if anyone has used a
>"Silhouette" yet, is it designed identically with a mere smidgen of
>backing on that outer edge?...Anyone else encounter this problem????
>     Thanks, Renee (inquiring for Melissa)