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Re: [IP] The pump IS for everyone

Susan Jordan wrote:
> Buddy and all
> I must jump in and say whole heartedly that not everyone should use a
> pump.  I agree that it is wonderful for those that are willing to put
> forth the effort and have the intelligence to deal with the more complex
> issues involved.  REMEMBER, not all are as intelligent as we are that
> have DM.  I say that sincerely, with out sarcasm and not in a
> condescending manner.
> I have a family member (by marriage, not blood) that has been diabetic
> for 20+ years (she is now early 40's and was dx'd in her late teens).
> She goes to the endo every 3 months AND HE SCREAMS AND THROWS A FIT at
> her, she smokes like a chimney on top of drinking (not often but
> enough).  On top of that she even pays a for a policy as she isn't
> employeed so she doesn't have the group discount.  Now get this, she
> takes 2, TWO shots of, are you ready, 70/30 a day AND she tests her
> sugars (not 8 times a day but 3 or so).  I just can't imagine that the
> pump would help her as she isn't willing to do what is necessary.  At
> anything under 200 she is "hypo" and is drinking OJ.  I know, if she
> only knew that would subside, but she has treated her iddm in this
> manner for 20 years and has no intentions of chaning.  She is reasonable
> intelligent, just does't want to make the effort to deal with this
> disease.
> Anyway, just my .02 worth on why everyone isn't a good candidate for the
> pump.
> Susan
> iddm dx'd 18 moa, pumping 1 year w/ humalog
I wholeheartedly agree.  I have a friend who was put on the pump while
pregnant.  She did well with the pump and testing during the pregnancy
but sinc has been a different story.  Her son is now 9 years old.  She
is still pumping but has quit seeing her endo., tests her sugar maybe 2
times a month and eats anything she wants (mostly chocolate).  I am
really afraid she is going to kill her self with the pump but what can
you do.  I warn her and tell her all the evil things that are sur to
happen and her reply is "oh well we all have to go sometime, I may as
well be happy while I can."  So I definately agree that the pump is not
for everyone.  I think that there should be some way to take it away
from pts. and make them go back on a long acting insulin when they are
endangering themselves with it.  She can't even set the time on the
pump, always calls me and asks how to do it.  She has no idea what her
basal rates are and boluses 6 units for every meal (no matter what).  Oh
well , thats my 2 cents worth.  Take care all. 
Gena,  IDDM 15yrs, MM506(velosulin), Pumping 10yrs.