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Re: [IP] The pump IS for (MOST) everyone

    Good point Susan, I agree that there are exceptions to every rule. The
cemeteries are abundant with people just as this woman. The old adage you
can lead a horse to water. The point I am pushing is that even a six (6)
year old can learn in short order how to use this device and how to
calculate the carbs and how much insulin to take. I don't know if you have
visited your elementary school lately but we are producing smarter kids
these days. They are using computers and the like in the second grade now. I
will admit there are some that would not be a candidate for a pump but I
would bet that for the most part 99% of young diabetic children would find
it a snap to master. Just as I did learning to take my own injections and to
eat what I was supposed to and not to eat the sweets. (Most of the time)
You realize there are adults that have not the brain capacity to take on
this task and like I said these are the exceptions.

Hard headed aren't I,

Buddy '-)