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RE: [IP] truckers

I learned not too long ago, that in Penna. the medical professionals are
required to report to the dept. of transportation, diabetic patients who are
having, and not realizing they are having, insulin reactions where medical
help is required.  This is kind of scary!
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I knew we couldn't be pilots, but I had no idea we couldn't be truckers too!

According to an article on the AP, the federal goverment is supporting an
exercise program for the truckers with the goal "to make interstate drivers
slimmer, healthier - and safer."  So they are opening gyms for them all along
trucking routes = they say more than 70% of them are seriousluy overweight


According to the article, ``When a driver becomes an insulin-using diabetic,
they are prohibited by our regulations from interstate commerce.  Overweight
truckers also may be less safe on the road, Robin said. A 1994 study found the
accident rate doubled among seriously overweight drivers, he said. ``We
believe that fitter drivers are safer drivers,'' he said.


Abrams doubted he'll see truckers dashing onto the floor in Spandex workout
outfits - THANK GOD

"So DOT and the trucking foundation are funding the Truck Stop Fitness
Facility Study. The study will provide 500 truckers with free memberships for
a year, and track what use they may make of the clubs. If the concept proves
itself, DOT will urge the development of more clubs, Robin said."

SO why not some free memberships for US?????  It isn't even a tax deduction,
though it is scientifically PROVEN to help us in our control....sigh.  this
government and country makes me sick!!!