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Re: [IP] Effectiveness of Humalog

On 15 Dec 97 at 13:36, email @ redacted wrote:

> OK, I am confused about this issue about Humalog losing its  effectiveness
> after two days.  This simply does not make sense to me.  If this is
> true, then why doesn't humalog go bad while sitting in its vial?  Why would it
> matter if you just change what container its in?  This makes no sense..
> I could see if you keep your pump where it's warm but not at room
> temp??????
> Forrest

Some people have this problem, others don't.  I talked to a company 
rep today and was told that it seems to be related to temperature, 
phase of the moon, and other variables like that.  That just means 
that there isn't enought data at the moment to get a good idea why it 
happens.  Insulin itself is an unstable molecule, and Humalog may be 
slightly more fragile.  But the interesting thing is that it seems to 
vary from person to person....

But I cannot wear a Timex watch - they freak out after about three 
hours.  After that they just won't run right.  So the trick is to 
just keep a close eye on the supply in the pump and your bg, and 
determine what your pattern is.

Randall Winchester

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