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Re: [IP] The pump IS for everyone

    I have to disagree with you on this one. I think you are right a lot of
the time but. . .  IN MY OPINION the feeling you get on NPH insulin is not
worth the control, or lack of, with multiple injections. The GREAT feeling
everybody (most of us anyway) gets after getting on the pump is from the
slow acting insulin. On top of that Michael already pointed out that pumping
is just as cost efficient and MDI and we all see that better control, except
for Sally, and even she will acheive it in time. There has been too much
testimony here just since I have been on this list to convience of anything
else. I think every child should be put on the pump right off the bat and we
all know how they adjust and learn so quickly. This would be a new breed of
"educated diabetics" and they would "most likely" not have to face the
complications we have. I have said before and I will say it again, "These
pumps will benefit the young people getting diagnosed with diabetes more
than any other diabetic before!" IN MY OPINION. Just the feeling of good
control and the lack of NPH in my system is worth all the expence and
education it took to get pumping.
    Who in the group here would rather go back to MDI ??????? Nuff said.

Buddy '-)