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[IP] The pump isn't for everyone

I have to disagree with the unqualified endorsement of the insulin as a
solution to all diabetics' problems. Yes, the pump is a wonderful and
effective tool if used properly and with attention. Yes, it can solve some
problems a diabetic may encounter that cannot be solved by multiple
injection therapy. I'm an example of that; while I had "good" control on
multiple injections in the sense that my A1C was "good," I had almost
complete hypoglycemia unawareness and was arriving in my friendly
neighborhood emergency room several times a year. :-{( But it's not for

Some people maintain good control and awareness of hypos with multiple
injections. I know several who do. What point would there be in their
going to the pump? It's way more expensive than standard syringe/pen
therapy. With several shots a day they manage to have reasonably flexible
eating schedules. Maybe they can't afford to be quite as spontaneous as we
pumpers are, but close. 

The pump is a big expense, both initial and ongoing and requires a great
deal of attention to BG testing, changing infusion sets, etc. If I could
have hypoglycemia awareness and go back to multiple injections, I would.
IMHO the pump should not be the *first* option presented to a diabetic,
although I'd like to see that it's always an option. 

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