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Re: [IP] Where do you stick it

> Since I've decided to change sets every two days I think I need some ideas
> on new places to use. Right now I use my backend and my stomach area, which
> just dosen't heal up fast enough to use as often as I would like. I've heard
> some people use legs and arms, if thats the case exactly where do you stick
> it in? 
You might try every three days.  Lily used to do 4 with regular but 
humalog seems to cause site problems about half the time for her at 
four days.  Three days has not been a problem for over 6 months.

HOWEVER --- this was not true when she did manual insertions.  Manual 
insertion sometimes caused site problems immediately with Humalog.  
When she switched to the sof-serter, three days was a snap (no pun 
intended)   :-}

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