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Re: [IP] Unsure - what to do...

>   Don't give up so easily even if you are getting frustrated.  First off I
> would suggest that a SHOT of insulin may be what you should do if you hit 600.
> Yes probably change the site too.  But you should definately use a syringe to
> get the insulin in when you are that high.  Also I have heard that there are
> some times a Bad bottle of Humalog and that may be a problem if the shot would
> not bring it down.  

It is relatively simple to test if the infusion line is working.

2 ways....

1) If it is a quick release, disconnect, bolus 5 units and watch for 
the droplet ... just like when priming.

2) If not a QR, find a small bubble, bolus 1/2 unit, it should move 
about an inch.

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