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Re: [IP] dark grey vision


Is the dark gray all over or kin patches or globs?  I hope you are seeing an
eye doctor today.  It may be a bleed or a retina detachment or something else.

My first bleed was a grayish red wash over completely half of my eye, like
someone had put a lighting instrument gel (the stuff they use to color lights
in theatre) over hald my eye - I was freaked, cuz I had just broken my leg a
week before and thought maybe I'd ripped my eye ball out of the socket or
something too.

Thanks for finding the voice text thing - fortunately I am not needing it just
yet, and I will probably be in too mean of a mooooood when I do need it, to
want to ask you where to get it, so send me the info just in case.

My glob is settling a little bit...makes shopping SUCH a joy - I hate asking
people is this black or blue?  I hate bumping into people?  I have 3 bruises
on my left side from hitting tables and clothing racks and I almost poked my
eye out on the subway.  Maybe I should get a dog and a cane - then at least I
might get a seat on the bus!